Meet Courtney!

This week we have a special guest blog post from one of our sweet customers whose hard work has inspired us! Meet Courtney who last year we helped her find a dress for her anniversary after losing 100lbs! She tried several things on but we won’t forget her coming out of the fitting room with a smile on her face when she had found her outfit!  She continues to lose and has lost a total of 120lbs and we now have to tell her you need a smaller size thats too big on you! Hope her story is an inspiration to all to have the confidence to try anything on! She has worked extremely hard and so proud of her. You look amazing and it is always a pleasure working with you! Thanks again for sharing your story with us! courtney

Courtney with her family in her first outfit from B.loved!

“I have been on an incredible journey this past year and a half finding myself again. Over the past 15 plus years I kind of lost site of whom I was. I knew I was a good wife and mother but who was Courtney? During my journey I have lost over 100lbs and am slowly finding myself again and realizing that I like myself. Before I had lost weight it I wore what fit not what looked good or I liked. I didn’t enjoy going shopping, being in pictures, or really going out much because I didn’t like what I looked like. As a started to lose weight a friend suggested that I reward myself with a new outfit every time I lost 25lbs. I thought this was a great idea because in the past I would have just rewarded myself with food. So as I started losing weight I started to enjoy shopping again; not only did look better but I felt better physically and mentally. It is not only about what you look like on the outside but what you feel like on the inside and for the first time in a long time I was happy with me! So right around when I hit the 100lb loss mark it was also my husband and mine 10 year wedding anniversary. My husband is my rock and has always been my #1 fan! I loved my wedding but I did not love my dress or going shopping for it. So for our 10 year anniversary I wanted to find a dress that I felt pretty in. A friend told me about a new shop that just opened up in downtown canton called B. loved. She said they had some really beautiful and unique clothes. So I went in the shop one day and started looking around but it was a little crowded and I was a little nervous to ask questions and try things on so I left. I guess in my mind I was still the girl that couldn’t fit into anything. So much of weight loss is mental. Anyway I still really wanted to go back because I saw some really cute things. So one morning a couple of weeks later I went back in and there was nobody in the shop but the owner, Mandy. So I went up to her and introduced myself and told her a little bit about me. As soon as we started talking all my nervous feeling were gone. I probably spent over an hour in the store trying on clothes. Mandy went around the store and hand picked a bunch of stuff for me to try on. She made me feel so comfortable. Believe it or not I found 2 dressed that I loved so I got both! After that first of many shopping trips to b.loved I realized how silly I was walking out that first time. Not to long ago I had Mandy hold some stuff I saw on Facebook so I could come in and try them on. Mandy wasn’t there when I went in but I had the pleasure of meeting Lindsey. She spent some much with me and gave me some great advice and opinions. B.loved is one of those stores that there is pretty much something for every body type even down to a pretty accessory that just adds that little something extra. Mandy, Lindsey, and B. loved are a huge part of me feeling comfortable in my skin again. I stop in pretty regularly and when my mom comes visit for California I always to take her in for a shopping trip.”

Thank you Mandy, Lindsey and B.loved for being you!

Courtney Adams








Fall Giveaway!

Fall is finally here and we want to do a giveaway! We know you have all been adding to your fall wardrobe in the last few weeks with all of our new arrivals anticipating cool weather. Think it is safe to say lets bring out the boots, tunics and leggings this weekend! Share with us one of your fall B.loved outfits by entering in our giveaway. Share your picture with us either on Instagram by tagging us @shopbloved or Facebook by tagging us @B.loved and adding #findatbloved

We are giving away a $50.00 gift certificate to the best fall outfit. The winner will be announced on Friday, October 1oth. See examples below. Good luck! #shopbloved #findatbloved

Vest available in charcoal. Tan & black coming soon!


Coming Soon!


Autumn Joy Salon

Autumn Joy SalonExcited to share with you our first guest post from our good friends and neighbors from Autumn Joy Salon. Located just right behind us! Most likely you have seen the the girls from the salon (Autumn & Kayla) inside the store either saying hello or shopping! Over the past year we have became close friends and are lucky to have them right beside us! They recently changed their product line to Living Proof and brought us some testers to try. First off who doesn’t want their hair to look like Jennifer Anniston’s? I instantly liked Living Proof since you can achieve different looks while using the same products. It gave me more volume throughout my curls and the instant texture mist achieved effortless waves. Normally not a fan of hairspray but actually liked how it made my hair feel and the added volume it gave.

AJSfront“As a Salon owner it’s always hard to make the decision to bring another haircare line in. Many hair care products start off giving great results only to fade over time with continued use. The first time I was introduced to the Living Proof line I was told that not only do their products produce great results, but they get better as you continue to use them! I went to a styling product class with Living Proof to get to know more about the science behind the product line to see if it would be something that would benefit clients at Autumn Joy Salon. Living Proof

The Living Proof product line “Full” was developed as a joint venture between scientists at MIT and Harvard. Using Poly Beta Amino Ester-1 (PBAE), a new technology developed by the scientists, their product creates what Living Proof calls “thickening points” along each strand of hair resulting in textured hair that doesn’t feel sticky, stiff, or heavy. Other products I have used in the past do not work because of the damaging chemicals that just ruff up the hair and add glue-like resins that builds up on hair, making it feel stiff and unnatural and fall flat fast. PBAE’s microscopic pattern of thickening dots sit on the surface of the hair, creating the much needed friction and space between every fine hair strand without any of the damage. These thickening dots have endurance and don’t break down.

Being a stylist, I have used many products and know when a product can deliver or is just marketing hype. I used the product for a full month and the results were amazing! My hair felt thicker with more body and I could go longer between washes — even after a few workouts! I am excited to have the Living Proof haircare line at Autumn Joy Salon. In the end it’s all about performance and products that keep their promise. Living proof just made since to me.”-Autumn (Owner at Autumn Joy Salon)Living Proof

Thanks for sharing Autumn and you can check them out @autumnjoysalon

Our Favorite Things

Often times customers will notice things that we wear in the store on a daily basis and quickly realize what our favorites are. We thought it would be fun to share what items we wear on a daily basis that you can find at the store. Here a few things we can’t leave the house without!

Mandy’s Must Haves:

1. Venice Beach Bag by BedStu – This bag is perfection. What I love about the bag is the size, the leather distressing over time and its easy to carry. The gorgeous distressed leather goes with any outfit and matches our new boots. You will get so many compliments wearing this cross body bag. It’s our most popular bag! $155

Venice Beach Bag in Teak

2. Lace Bras – I have the lace bra in ivory, nude, grey, frappe and black. I find myself wearing the black the most. These are dainty and are great to wear under low cut tops or dresses. Depending on individual bra size, these may be worn as a bra or sometimes over a traditional bra. Another great thing about the lace bras is that they are really comfortable. Sizes are small, medium & large and are $24.

Model wearing lace bra in ivory under a racerback cami

3. Racerback Cami’s – This is an absolute necessity as a basic in anyone’s wardrobe. Any customer that buys one almost always comes back for more colors. I wear these year-round and several times a week. They tend to run longer in length than other cami’s – great for layering under sweaters, tees or wearing over the lace bras mentioned above. Available in many colors.

Racerback cami in black

Racerback cami in black

4. Silicon Cover Ups by Hollywood Fashion Secrets – Silicone, translucent, self-adhesive, hypo-allergenic, reusable nipple concealers. For those of you wondering how to wear the lace bras yet still needing a little extra coverage, we have the answer. These little things come in handy in all seasons and with lots of different outfits. Ideal for under t-shirts, sheer tops and dresses. Can be worn alone or with a bra. Excited to bring Hollywood Fashion Secrets to the store.

Silicone Cover Ups

Silicone Cover Ups

5. Initial Pendant Necklace – I wear the hand stamped pendant with the letter “M”. This necklace is perfect by itself as a simple piece or great for layering.  Love this little necklace and the personalization the initial gives it.


Initial Pendant Necklace

6. Airgwa Beaded Crowns – The great thing about this bracelet is how versatile it is. The crown features interchangeable beads  that can be changed daily for a different look depending on your outfit. Handmade and made locally.


Lindsey’s Must Haves:

1. Horseshoe Necklace – I wear this necklace on a daily basis. Although it’s definitely a statement piece, it’s still simple enough to wear with most outfits. The necklace has a silver chain and a gold horseshoe pendant which makes it easy to wear with all of my jewelry. I truly get compliments every single time I wear it!IMG_4336

2. Hanky Panky’s – These are fantastic and definitely an investment…but let’s face it, you wear them it’s worth the money. They are my go to gift for lingerie showers and people become addicted (also great stocking stuffers) Once you wear hanky panky’s, you will not want to wear anything else. I suggest any of the nude/neutral colors. These definitely live up to their hype. We have both the original and low rise in this week! The lace thong has been a lingerie staple for women of all shapes and sizes. Our one-size thongs are adored by celebrities, and come in a variety of rises, fabrics, prints and colors to fit any day or mood. And for a bonus—all Hanky Panky styles are made in the USA!


3. Bourbon & Boweties – I could look at these gorgeous stacks for days. I am in the shop almost everyday that it’s open and every time I am in there I see a new B&B that I want to add to my collection. We love to help you create a gorgeous stack but even if you just start with one, we can always help you pick the perfect one. This company has exploded. See our previous post here about them. These bracelets are the ultimate accessory to dress up an outfit. Range $28-36.10423755_878811182132523_1218500744961187628_n



4. Venice Beach Bag in Tan Rustic-This is also one of my everyday favorites and I know I can’t go wrong with this bag. The adjustable strap, multi-use pockets, and magnetic closure will make this the go-to bag in your closet. You can actually smell the leather and I love that. Goes with any outfit and I get so many compliments on this beauty.

• Genuine, full-grain leather with proprietary hand-distressed finish
• Flap opening with magnetic buckle closure
• Front and rear zipper pockets along with one zip and two slip interior pockets
• Measurements: 10 in. high; 9.5 in. wide; 2 in. deep, 15 in. drop

5. Cozy Sweaters- I love all the soft, knit sweaters we get in at the store. I am ready for cool weather so I can wear all the new styles we have got in. We often hear our customers say we have the softest clothes. You do have to be careful with the care of such soft and delicate sweaters, so we recommend to hand wash, dry clean or wash on a very delicate cycle and hang to dry. This style is easy to wear and great with jeans or leggings with your boots in the fall. New styles in every week.

New this week!

New this week!