12 Days of Christmas Sale!

candleOn the first day of Christmas my B.loved gave to me…

Candles BOGO one 30% off – Monday, December 12th

Shop holiday scents like our signature B.loved, Tree Lot, Milk & Cookies for Santa, and more!






cozychic-throw-797-1478174438-1On the second day of Christmas my B.loved gave to me…

Barefoot dreams items 15% off- Tuesday, December 13th

If Oprah is a fan you will be too! Shop all of our Barefoot Dreams products such as robes, blankets, and pants. Any item would make a great Christmas present or a gift to yourself!




wrapOn the third day of Christmas my B.loved gave to me…

Henri Lou bracelets 30% off- Wednesday, December 14th

As seen on Joanna Gains, the Henri Lou bracelets are a staple piece. Three different styles available in colors including black, brown, and tan with a gold or silver hoop!





On Lavender Vanillathe fourth day of Christmas my B.loved gave to me…

Nume items 15% off- Thursday, December 15th

Made with 100% natural ingredients, any Nume item will make for the perfect gift this holiday season. Shop body butters, large bars of soap, gift sets and more. Get these while they last!






On the fifth day of Christmas my B.loved gave to me…

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All handbags 15% off- Monday, December 19th

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Necklaces BOGO 30% off- Tuesday, December 20th

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On the ninth day of Christmas my B.loved gave to me…

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All lokai (all colors) 15% off- Friday, December 23rd

Take advantage of 15% off any Lokai bracelet! Colors include red, blue, and clear.








39835384_051_aOn the twelfth day of Christmas my B.loved gave to me…

Scarves 20% off- Saturday, December 24th

Cozy up this winter with one of our favorite accessories. The Koda Brushed Scarf (pictured here) comes in burgundy, cream, and black. Shop other brands such as Krochet Kids for the perfect party gift or stocking stuffer!

Holiday Favorites!

We know what you guys are thinking… and we have you covered. Here is our list of go-to gifts for the holiday season! Some small, some tall, and everything in between. Your gal pals are sure to thank you for any of these must-have b.loved items. Now, let’s get started!


1. The Tie Necklace from Inspired Designs

This simple leather wrap has stole the hearts of many B.loved babes already. Its lightweight, versatile, and a must have for under the tree or stocking stuffer! Available in grey (pictured), tan & burgundy. One of Mandy’s new go to necklaces! 🙂







cozychic-heathered-adult-robe-11882. Barefoot Dreams Robe

Shop this luxurious piece for the special girl or guy in your life! The unisex CozyChic Robe is pure perfection– and being that we live in ours while at home we can speak from experience! Available in Heathered colors including stone/white & ocean/white (pictured) as well as solid cocoa.







img_88653. The BEDSTU Cadence Wallet

Talk about a “must-have”– this unique BEDSTU clutch will go perfectly under the tree! With the removable strap you can wear it as a cross body OR unclipped and carry it as a wallet. Available in tan and black with two zipper compartments and a number of pockets for your belongings. The girls at B.loved rave over this item. Grab one while you can! Available in black lux, black and tan.






img_83594. Stackable Bracelets from Lulu -n- lee

Wear one, two, or the whole jewelry box full. These gorgeous beads are sure to win more than a few compliments from your girlfriends! The perfect accessory gift with any outfit or stocking stuffer!









5. Inspired Designs Suede Choker

Every girl needs a choker, and let’s face it, every girl WANTS a chocker. This trend is back with a vengeance. Grab this suede beauty for Christmas and satisfy your inner 90’s chic. Comes in grey, brown and wine with a variety of charms and beads.







img_8068-240x3006. The adorable Nume soap set $18.00

What could be cuter than a gift that doesn’t even need to be wrapped! We absolutely love the Nume Soap, but a gift box like the one here would be just the ticket for any fan. It features 4 different mini bars, giving you the chance to try a multitude of scents! Also, comes in a 2 large bar gift set for $25. All of the Nume products are handmade with natural ingredients. Made locally!






7. Any Sweet Tea item

If you shop with us at all you know this product is hot, hot, HOT. We can barely keep it on our shelves. Whether it’s the famous Sweet Tea Candle or some of the hand soap & body lotion we carry, all B.loved customers will agree a Sweet Tea item makes for the perfect gift! Any girl from the south would appreciate anything sweet tea!







untitled8. The Della from BEDSTU

*Show Stopper* The Della is turning heads right and left. Offered in Tan Rustic (pictured) and Black Lux, this handmade leather boot is just what you need to make a statement this season!







capture9. Vintage Flannels

From the heart of Tennessee, our famous vintage flannels are handmade and designed to have a one-of-a-kind look.  These gems are super soft– perfect for a casual day of errands or dress up for a night out with friends! This is sure to be a gift everyone will love! Sizes available xsmall-xlarge.








10. Cargo Jackets

We cannot get enough of our Surplus Jackets. The ultimate gift under the tree, you will not want to take this thing off. Heavy enough to layer and keep you warm, but light enough to carry into the Spring! What more could a girl ask for? Colors include Camo (pictured), Wine, and Moss.

Let Them B.little: Bailey Hayes


Hello October! We happily welcome Fall and our second “little” of the month, miss Bailey Hayes. This girl radiates everything B.little stands for. Nine years old with long blonde hair and gorgeous green eyes, Bailey lights up the whole room with her smile. Her favorite colors are pink and purple and she is currently in the fourth grade at Avery Elementary School. She loves music and history, but her mom says she gets an A+ in socializing!

When asked to describe her daughter in three words Bailey’s mom paused and then said, “sassy for sure, beautiful, and… loyal.” Bailey wasn’t sure what loyal meant, so her mom explained that she loves those closest to her deeply and stands by her friends and family. It takes true courage to be a leader and bailey is just that; faithful, strong, and kind.

Her hobbies include tumble and horseback riding. Her favorite thing to do at tumble is the floor routines and trampoline. While talking to her it became clear that her real passion, though, was riding horses. Bailey enjoys cantering, where they use the horses to heard and pin the cattle into one area so they can be roped.

I asked Bailey to tell me about an unforgettable memory while horseback riding and was astounded by her response. One day while cantering she was thrown from her horse. She admitted it was scary and hurt just a little, but without a second thought she got up and right back on. I was inspired by not only her bravery but her will to keep going. Sometimes life gets you down, but B.little girls are powerful. We don’t give up, we show up! Just like miss Bailey.

Lover of all animals, Bailey confessed her favorite movie would have to be Secret Life of Pets. This was no surprise, especially considering her family has a dog and cat of their own. A treat for Bailey is going to the Sun Dial in Atlanta where she can most likely be found enjoying her favorite food, pasta.

We were honored to get to know Bailey and learn more about why she loves B.little. “Everything… the clothes, shoes, jewelry, and the people,” she announced. We are quite fond of her as well. With a spunky attitude and big heart we are proud to have Bailey represent what B.little is all about!

Let them B.little: Waverly Skellie


When people ask me what my favorite color is I always say yellow. Why yellow? Well, because it reminds me of the sun, and sunshine makes me happy. Wavery Skellie, however, chooses all colors when asked about her favorite. “Like a rainbow,” she admitted, it’s simply too hard for her to decide on just one color. Kind of like her personality—it is simply too hard to say just one thing about this girl.

IMG_6031Six years old and going into the first grade, miss Waverly is our first “little” of the month! And what an exciting journey it has been getting to know this bundle of sass. If you are fortunate enough to know her you also know how funny she is. Her mom, Brooke Skellie, acknowledged some of Waverly’s truest features to be joyful, loving, and very free spirited. Oh, and sassy… always sassy.

With big brown eyes and dirty blonde hair, Waverly Skellie never fails to light up a room with her smile. “That’s one thing all of her teachers say about her,” Brooke confessed, “she is always happy and always smiling.” I must agree, after just the short time I spent with little miss Waverly it was apparent what a joy she is.  It’s a special quality to possess—being able to make others smile, even when they might not feel like it. It’s contagious when you see those missing teeth and eyes squint as her face develops into a huge grin.

During our interview Waverly told me some of her favorite things. Aside from her favorite color being endless shades of the rainbow, her favorite movie is The Little Mermaid and her hobbies include riding horses, gymnastics, swimming, and playing with her little brother, Rowan. When I asked about her favorite memory doing one of the things she loves she painted a detailed picture of her and tater tot (a horse, not a food) trail riding and going on a hike. When she gets her wish you can find Waverly on the beach; in her favorite vacation spot eating her favorite foods which consist of pizza and candy, specifically airheads.

Since ‘back to school’ time is approaching I thought I would see what Waverly looks forward to as she starts the first grade. In Kindergarten her favorite thing was rest time, followed by group work and art class. She also told me about a game she learned called Heads-Up 7-Up. Her favorite memory of Kindergarten, though, would have to be the end of the year field day where she enjoyed not one, but two snow cones. As the days of summer come to a close we hope that Waverly will have just as much fun this school year as she did the last!

As a previous model for some of the B.little merchandise we were not surprised to learn that Waverly’s favorite thing about the new store is trying on clothes. This girl is quite the fashionista. She loves to pick out her own outfits and model her choice of styles. At the end of our interview Waverly was asked to pick her favorite outfit in the store. Without hesitation she selected the ‘sassy’ graphic tee, pom pom shorts, and a matching headband— completing her ensemble. What a doll, right?