Trunk Shows at B. loved

What is a trunk show? A trunk show is an event where a designer or artist brings their line (including current and the newest designs) to a boutique for an exclusive in-shop showing. Apparently designers used to literally carry items in a trunk when they were starting out to the boutiques or stores that carried their lines, hence the name, trunk show. The designer will have stock pieces or samples that can be purchased and ready to wear out the door and will often get a feel for the customer base at the store and inspiration for future designs and orders. It is a fun collaboration between the shop owner and the designer (who you get to meet) to bring the latest and greatest to their customers.

How long does it last? Typically a trunk show will last anywhere from 3 to 5 hours. It is completely fine to drop by the event or plan to stay the entire time and have fun with your girlfriends.
Trunk Show Events at B. loved: As most of our customers know, we like for you to have fun and enjoy the shopping experience when you visit the boutique. We are excited to host the first trunk show on Friday, August 1st from 4:00 – 9:00 p.m. The featured designer is Jennifer Hewitt featuring Airgwa. Secondly, in helping us celebrate the 1st birthday of the store opening, B. loved will kick off the 1 year celebration with another trunk show featuring designer Sherri Murphy from InspireDesigns Jewelry - on Thursday, September 4th from 4:00 – 8:00 p.m. So mark your calendars for both events as each designer offers completely different and uniquely gorgeous pieces! Also, there will be a giveaway at each event! We will serve hors d’oeuvres and wine at both trunk shows – so get ready to sip and shop and bring a friend! See below for more details on each brand.
About Airgwa
“Airgwa was born humble. She spurred during a time of economic hardship and uncertainty. What started as a creative approach for Christmas gifts for friends turned into a discovered talent. Not soon after; those unique gifts blossomed Into a one-of-a-kind jewelry company …Airgwa. Airgwa is, and always will be easily identifiable, not because of empty hype or some false pedigree but because we pour every ounce of our heart and soul into every design no matter if its our short runs,a One of a Kind, or a main staple. This is why you will always Love every piece of Airgwa Jewelry you own!”- Jennifer Hewitt. Airgwa has unique one-of-a-kind pieces that are interchangeable to achieve a different look for each outfit.
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About InspireDesigns
“I make it my goal to bring affordable unique pieces of jewelry to the market. My philosophy is simple; make inspirational jewelry that can be worn everyday or special occasions! Taking inspiration from everything in my life, I incorporate leather, pewter, natural gemstones, czech crystals, pearls and much more into my designs. InspireDesigns has grown so fast that I am now lucky enough to have two of my dear friends working with me! Sandy Kapish and Jackie Leddy joined InspireDesigns last year and will continue to be a valuable part of all we do.” –Sherri Murphy (Owner & Designer for Inspire Designs). We got the privilege to step into their fabulous showroom last week and heres a few pictures!


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