Our Favorite Things

Often times customers will notice things that we wear in the store on a daily basis and quickly realize what our favorites are. We thought it would be fun to share what items we wear on a daily basis that you can find at the store. Here a few things we can’t leave the house without!

Mandy’s Must Haves:

1. Venice Beach Bag by BedStu – This bag is perfection. What I love about the bag is the size, the leather distressing over time and its easy to carry. The gorgeous distressed leather goes with any outfit and matches our new boots. You will get so many compliments wearing this cross body bag. It’s our most popular bag! $155

Venice Beach Bag in Teak

2. Lace Bras – I have the lace bra in ivory, nude, grey, frappe and black. I find myself wearing the black the most. These are dainty and are great to wear under low cut tops or dresses. Depending on individual bra size, these may be worn as a bra or sometimes over a traditional bra. Another great thing about the lace bras is that they are really comfortable. Sizes are small, medium & large and are $24.

Model wearing lace bra in ivory under a racerback cami

3. Racerback Cami’s – This is an absolute necessity as a basic in anyone’s wardrobe. Any customer that buys one almost always comes back for more colors. I wear these year-round and several times a week. They tend to run longer in length than other cami’s – great for layering under sweaters, tees or wearing over the lace bras mentioned above. Available in many colors.

Racerback cami in black

Racerback cami in black

4. Silicon Cover Ups by Hollywood Fashion Secrets – Silicone, translucent, self-adhesive, hypo-allergenic, reusable nipple concealers. For those of you wondering how to wear the lace bras yet still needing a little extra coverage, we have the answer. These little things come in handy in all seasons and with lots of different outfits. Ideal for under t-shirts, sheer tops and dresses. Can be worn alone or with a bra. Excited to bring Hollywood Fashion Secrets to the store.

Silicone Cover Ups

Silicone Cover Ups

5. Initial Pendant Necklace – I wear the hand stamped pendant with the letter “M”. This necklace is perfect by itself as a simple piece or great for layering.  Love this little necklace and the personalization the initial gives it.


Initial Pendant Necklace

6. Airgwa Beaded Crowns – The great thing about this bracelet is how versatile it is. The crown features interchangeable beads  that can be changed daily for a different look depending on your outfit. Handmade and made locally.


Lindsey’s Must Haves:

1. Horseshoe Necklace – I wear this necklace on a daily basis. Although it’s definitely a statement piece, it’s still simple enough to wear with most outfits. The necklace has a silver chain and a gold horseshoe pendant which makes it easy to wear with all of my jewelry. I truly get compliments every single time I wear it!IMG_4336

2. Hanky Panky’s – These are fantastic and definitely an investment…but let’s face it, you wear them daily..so it’s worth the money. They are my go to gift for lingerie showers and people become addicted (also great stocking stuffers) Once you wear hanky panky’s, you will not want to wear anything else. I suggest any of the nude/neutral colors. These definitely live up to their hype. We have both the original and low rise in this week! The lace thong has been a lingerie staple for women of all shapes and sizes. Our one-size thongs are adored by celebrities, and come in a variety of rises, fabrics, prints and colors to fit any day or mood. And for a bonus—all Hanky Panky styles are made in the USA!


3. Bourbon & Boweties – I could look at these gorgeous stacks for days. I am in the shop almost everyday that it’s open and every time I am in there I see a new B&B that I want to add to my collection. We love to help you create a gorgeous stack but even if you just start with one, we can always help you pick the perfect one. This company has exploded. See our previous post here about them. These bracelets are the ultimate accessory to dress up an outfit. Range $28-36.10423755_878811182132523_1218500744961187628_n



4. Venice Beach Bag in Tan Rustic-This is also one of my everyday favorites and I know I can’t go wrong with this bag. The adjustable strap, multi-use pockets, and magnetic closure will make this the go-to bag in your closet. You can actually smell the leather and I love that. Goes with any outfit and I get so many compliments on this beauty.

• Genuine, full-grain leather with proprietary hand-distressed finish
• Flap opening with magnetic buckle closure
• Front and rear zipper pockets along with one zip and two slip interior pockets
• Measurements: 10 in. high; 9.5 in. wide; 2 in. deep, 15 in. drop

5. Cozy Sweaters- I love all the soft, knit sweaters we get in at the store. I am ready for cool weather so I can wear all the new styles we have got in. We often hear our customers say we have the softest clothes. You do have to be careful with the care of such soft and delicate sweaters, so we recommend to hand wash, dry clean or wash on a very delicate cycle and hang to dry. This style is easy to wear and great with jeans or leggings with your boots in the fall. New styles in every week.

New this week!

New this week!

Welcome NuMe!


We are so excited to welcome NuMe Natural Soap to the shop! We now sell their locally made soaps & body butters that you sure want to see and smell for yourself!

Did you know that significant amounts of what you put on your skin are absorbed into your body? That’s why, at NuMe, they use only natural ingredients. NuMe soaps are 98-100% all natural and are made by hand, using pure plant and vegetable based oils, which have been carefully chosen to create a soap with excellent lathering, moisturizing, and cleansing abilities. The delightful fragrances of their soaps come from natural essential oils extracted from flowers and plants, and the beautiful colors and textures come from natural minerals and herbs. Every bar is enriched with Shea Butter for its superior moisturizing and skin healing abilities. Other ingredients include saponified oils of soy, palm, olive and coconut; essential & fragrance oils and vitamin E. Many customers have described that they no longer have to moisturize (as they did before with commercial brands) after using our soap in a bath or shower.

They use the old-fashioned cold process soap making method, retaining the natural glycerin in our soaps, which help the skin to attract and retain its own natural moisture, leaving it feeling soft. Because our soaps contain no chemicals, detergents, or animal fats, they are safe and healthy for you, your family, and the world around you.

Each bar weighs approximately 5.5-6 ounces and is ideal for washing your body, face, and even your hair! NuMe Natural Soap

Scents in store now!

-Country Clove

-Coconut Lime

-Dead Sea Salt

-Eucalyptus Mint

-Georgia on my Mind

-Honey Almond


-Lavender Rose

-Lavender Vanilla

-Lemon Butter Sage



-Pumpkin Spice

-Rosemary Eucalyptus

-Spiced Orange

-Sweet Basil

NuMe Body Butter

Lavender Vanilla

These body butters are amazing at moisturizing your skin with only simple, healthy, non-toxic, preservative-free ingredients. More and more good news is coming out about coconut oil and its health and beauty benefits. We couldn’t agree more, which is why coconut oil is a main ingredient in our body butters. After all, 60% of the products we apply to our skin is absorbed into our bodies. The best part is you have a product that is clean and amazingly good for your skin! It even works great melted in your bath water!

Each tin is filled with approximately 4 fluid ounces of natural body butter. Ingredients: Coconut oil, shea butter, essential & fragrance oils, vitamin E.

Body Butter Scents in store now!


-Coconut Lime

-Lavender Rose

-Lavender Vanilla


-Honey Almond

Any NuMe product would make for a perfect gift!


Large Bars-$8.00

Mini Bars-$2.25

Body Butter-$12.75

Bits & Pieces Grab Bag-$13.00

Lace Extenders

What’s a top extender? What’s a dress extender? We carry both! With these you can add a little lacy length to any top or dress, and help transition either a top or dress from winter to spring or summer to fall. The extenders create a fun and feminine look, adding dimension to any item. The jersey-knit cami-tank is adorned with 8″ of lovely, luxe, double-layer knit lace. The lace has a slit on either side to make it loose and comfortable as well as adjustable straps. It can add a feminine touch to any top and also makes it long enough to wear with leggings! This item has definitely been one of our most popular items! After purchasing an extender, we suggest taking it home to your closet and seeing what all it will work with, you will be surprised.  You can wear the top extender under a simple t-shirt, flannel button-down or a cardigan for a different look. See below for some of our favorite ways to wear these must have essentials!


Grace and Lace (Top Extender in Beige)

How they fit: These tend to run big. If you are between sizes, we suggest sizing down. Sizing is generous because of the stretch in fabric. Available in beige, black and ivory. This layering piece is a must have to add to your wardrobe…no matter how you choose to wear it. Be creative! Share with us how you wear your lace top or dress extenders by emailing us at customercare@shopbloved.com



Dress Extender in black


Top Extender in Beige


Top Extender in Black


Top Extender in Ivory


Meet B&B Owner/Founder

b&bMeet Carley Och’s who is behind the now famous, jewelry line that will forever be “Made by Proud Southern Hands”- Bourbon & Boweties. Find your new stack @shopbloved. #findatbloved

Bangles for the buck

April 11, 2014


Fans of Carley Ochs’s jewelry line up to meet her at trunk shows. They like to see “I’m a normal person, working out of my grandma’s garage,” Ochs says. (Photo by Mark Wemple)

Working out of her grandmother’s garage in Plant City, Carley Ochs is not what most picture for an owner of a successful jewelry line.

But in a little more than a year and a half, Ochs has managed to bring her gemmed bracelets to more than 700 stores nationwide, and she sells more than 30,000 bracelets a month.

It all started when Ochs made a few bracelets for family and friends with some stones she brought back from China. One night, she wrapped one of her newly made bangles around a red Solo cup, and the name Bourbon and Boweties was born.

At the urging of friends, Ochs showed her jewelry to a store in Charleston, S.C., which immediately agreed to sell them in August 2012. She sought out her first 10 stores, but every store after has found her through word of mouth.


By November 2012, she was overwhelmed with orders from more than 45 stores — she was hand-making each bracelet and tracking every order, all on her own. So she trained her mom and her brother’s girlfriend to make the bracelets to help her.


By July 2013, Ochs realized they needed full-time help, so the company started contracting out the jewelry-making to local women.

Visiting her grandma’s four-car garage today, you’ll find a bustling business. Her staff, dressed in sweats and sorting through boxes of beads, ready-made jewelry and shipments, are chatty and friendly. Ten full-time employees work out of the garage, managing shipping, quality control, social media and sales.

Ochs still hand-selects every stone, meeting stone suppliers and shapers through the world’s largest gem show in Tucson, Ariz.

Ochs relies on more than 120 women in Plant City, Valrico, Lakeland and Tampa to make the bracelets. Many of the women are stay-at-home moms, nurses and teachers, looking to make extra money. The use of local labor helps keep costs down (all bracelets retail for less than $50).


After attending a training, the contractors are paid based on the number of bracelets they complete.

Aside from trade shows and trunk shows, Ochs spends next to nothing on advertising. She prefers to use the power of social media and word of mouth. With 19,675 followers on Instagram and 16,868 likes on Facebook, she tries to make fans feel like part of the family.

“I know what we have done in a year is rare. I want people to be able to see that and be a part of that,” she says.

By chance, she’s spotted her bracelets on reality TV stars and in dozens of magazines, including Katie Couric on the cover of People magazine.

The brand sells to high-end boutiques, affordable specialty stores, and big-box stores, hoping to hit different demographics.

The jewelry is in stores from Alaska to southern California, from Miami to the Hamptons. She’s even selling internationally at a store in Belgium.

Her strategy is to space stores out so she’s not selling to stores that compete directly with other stores that carry her jewelry. “From a retail perspective, you don’t want to oversaturate an area.” bnb

Though Ochs declined to share exact revenues, she says she’s made a significant sum that was “so beyond our expectations in our first year that there’s no way to know what to aim for in the next year.”

She says she knows she will quadruple sales this year.

“Supply and demand is our biggest strength and weakness right now,” Ochs says. It takes about 12 weeks for the company to fulfill orders. Ochs is determined to control growth, which is the reason why wait times can be a little longer, she says.


With hundreds of orders in the queue, Ochs expects to hire up to 200 contractors by mid-summer, an amount she considers “manageable.”

She’s never taken any outside investment, loans, nor debt. “I know it is unheard of,” she shrugs. “I’ve never spent beyond my means for my business, and I don’t plan to.”

Last month, the city told Ochs she needs to move her business to an office space. “Great things are born out of garages,” Ochs says. “Now we’ve outgrown our garage.”


B&B bangles also go together well stacked with other jewelry (Airgwa) as shown here.