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Funny How a Melody Sounds Like a Memory…

Three + hours of singing along to Eric Church, watching him and his band pour their hearts out into each and every song, I tell you it was one for the books. A few of us girls along with our hubby’s traveled to Nashville over Memorial Day weekend for a little one-night getaway. To put

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Mama’s Day Gift Guide

What in the world would we do without our mama’s!? Exactly… we don’t know either. Mama’s are special, they are superwomen, they deserve to be celebrated all year round. This week we want to dedicate a list of gifting ideas to all the mothers out there, so if your not sure what to get your

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B.loved Bridal Shower x Garden Party

Y’all, I am literally blown away. There are no words to fully describe how I’m feeling during such a sweet season of life. Just a few short days and I will be a married woman! But first, I have to take a moment and share here how absolutely amazing this time of celebration has been

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Mandy's Story...

Mandy started small. B. Loved was 100% online before she ever dreamed of a hometown store front.