B.loved meets Magnolia

When Mandy gave us the news about taking the crew to Waco, Texas our jaws dropped... all the way to the floor. To say we enjoyed ourselves would be an understatement. From the cupcakes to the company this girls trip was a dream come true. Many of you may have followed along as we made our way towards the famous Chip and Jo. If so you already know that no, we did not get to meet the two behind the popular HGTV show Fixer Upper. Nonetheless, we found ourselves honored to simply be in the presence of something they created. Something that started with a vision and developed into inspiration for people across the world. First stop, the Silos Baking Co. So cute and quaint, the smell of whipped butter and sugar consumed our senses the second we walked through the door. The tile floor, unique brick, and miniature cupcake stands along the wall were just a few of the amazing things inside. Once inside we were greeted with a selection menu from which we could mark the sweet treats we wished to order. I think we were all a little panicked; how on earth would we decide? After making the tough choices and ultimately reasoning to return to the bakery for a second round later on, we retreated to the patio outside. Here we sipped our coffees and lemonade while devouring our goodies. Trust us when we say, the buttercream alone is worth the trip. Clearly needing to burn off some calories, our second stop was the Magnolia Market. As you may have guessed we initially wanted to buy one of EVERYTHING; and I truly mean everything. The walls and tables were decorated with mugs, vases, linens, pillows, rugs, decorative greenery and more. Small bins were filled to the brim with measuring cups, salt and pepper shakers, even magnetic timers for bakers and moms alike. Oh, and don't get me started on the cake stands. We moved down in to the larger part of the Market where shirts, sweatshirts, and hats stole our attention. Here we continued to fill our Magnolia shopping bags with momentums to bring back home. The shopping was made even more fabulous by the employees who welcomed us with unbelievable kindness. From genuine hello's and caring goodbye's, the smiles on their face showed just how happy they were to be there.  The rest of our day was spent simply taking it all in. The warm Texas sun made sitting outside around the lawn so nice. Tables, swings, even beanbag chairs offered plenty of places to relax. Before we sat down to lunch we visited the Seed and Supply store. It sat in the cutest corner of the property, surrounded by plants, flowers, and others things planted by the people of Magnolia. Inside we found watering cans, planters, and other items Joanna has been seen using in her very own garden. It was an absolute bittersweet goodbye when we left the grounds of Magnolia. Our trip wasn't over but our hearts were a little sad at the thought of heading back to Austin. The mere idea had some of us so shook up we didn't even know what direction to go in... literally. After a couple of stops like The Findery and Harp Design Co. we loaded up the marvelous minivan and began the back end of our road trip, only to realize halfway to Dallas we were going the wrong way. But, we owe a huge thank you to our co-pilot Amanda. Without her we would have missed a heck of a sunset. The plane ride home was filled with reminiscing discussion on everything we did and all the things we had seen. We shared laughs that made our bellies ache and came back with stories that are sure to be inside jokes for years to come. I think I speak for all of the B.loved girls when I say this trip was one for the books. Never in a million years would we have imagined traveling to Texas with an extraordinary bunch of gals we get to call co-workers AND friends. Thank you all for your well wishes on our adventure. A huge thanks to the ones who made it possible. And a special thanks to each and every one pictured here. We had us a time. Until the next adventure, I'll be referring to shiplap as an official hashtag. xo Kadie 

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