B.loved Bridal Shower x Garden Party

Y'all, I am literally blown away. There are no words to fully describe how I'm feeling during such a sweet season of life. Just a few short days and I will be a married woman! But first, I have to take a moment and share here how absolutely amazing this time of celebration has been on account of so many special people. [gallery columns="5" size="large" ids="12045,12048,12049,12056,12044"] I want to start by saying Mandy totally outdid herself with this B.loved Garden Party hosted at her to-die-for barn house. A cart filled with fresh flowers from Woodstock Flower Co. greeted guests at the door as soft music played in the background. The talented ladies from WFC  are also responsible for our flower crowns and the arrangements throughout Mandy's home. Oh Lord, don't get me started on the food! All of my girls know there's nothing I admire more than a good table spread, and boy did they deliver. I mean come on... mimosa and sangria bar!? How about those beignets accompanied by powdered sugar + blackberry sauce, fruit, yogurt, and homemade granola, a yummy pear + pecan salad with a delicious vinaigrette, chicken that melted in your mouth... I could go on all day! All of this yumminess was catered from the newly opened Cultivate located in Atlanta, GA. Best part = a sweet customer of ours is a partner in the business so do yourself a huge favor and GO VISIT THEM. Take your friends and go for some coffee, go for brunch, go for coffee and brunch. You're crew (and tummy) will thank you. To top off the holy spread of all holy spreads... an adorable donut display of mini treats from Da Vinci's Donuts in Alpharetta, GA. They supplied a few of their famous flavors including french toast and cinnamon roll but also decorated some with beautiful icing flowers to match the occasion! [gallery size="medium" ids="12050,12052,12053,12043,12057,12058,12054,12046,12047"] We laughed about our nicknames (Jordy and Bugg) and chatted about our future together. Customers, friends, b.loved babes gathered just for me. That right there is something I will cherish forever. I am so honored to be surrounded by all of you fantastic ladies on a daily basis and I get paid for it, say whaaaat! It's honestly a dream come true. So here's to all of YOU. Thank you for making me feel so loved. Thank you for making my job so fun. To my B.loved babes / co-workers / dear friends... THANK YOU doesn't cover it. Jordan and I love you guys! That's all from this soon to be Shaw. The next time you see me I'll be post Cabo with a good tan and a new last name! xo

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