Mama's Day Gift Guide

What in the world would we do without our mama's!? Exactly... we don't know either. Mama's are special, they are superwomen, they deserve to be celebrated all year round. This week we want to dedicate a list of gifting ideas to all the mothers out there, so if your not sure what to get your wife, sister, aunt, daughter, mom we've got you covered! Mama Knows Best Tee Mama will appreciate this one - As comfy as it is cute, our Mama Knows Best Tee is a quick seller so grab it while you can! 2. Mama Necklace I have a personal bias to this little love. When I found out my sis-in-law was pregnant I gifted this to her... I'm not a mom yet, but I know there's something really exciting about finally being able to call yourself someones mama. Every time my Hales wears her necklace I think how excited I am to meet my nephew! 3. B.loved Candle B.loved Gift Box When your mama's walk into our shop and talk about how good it smells... yep, that's the B.loved Candle. Want to make her day? Snag one of these to smell up her favorite room in the house and she will LOVE you for it! 4. B.loved Room Spray The B.loved Room Spray is a real treat, y'all. Just like the candle, this scent is what reminds us of our shop. It's such a clean, fresh smell while also seeming homey - perfect for your Mama this year! 5. Maddie Bracelet Maddie Bracelet I think every single one of our crew has this bracelet and rightfully so. It has been one of our favorites from the Inspire Designs Garden Party Collection. This oval hoop bracelet stacks well with others but is also adorable on its own. We think any mom would be tickled to open this on Mother's Day!   6. The Denim Jacket The Denim Jacket Our Denim Jacket from Fashionable is seriously to-die-for. Mama's, this jacket can be worn in every season. A higher price point for shoppers, but I have to say you will wear this with everything. It's the jacket you will grab on your way out the door all summer long when your worried about those cooler nights! 7. Leopard Rojas Mule A mule that is sure to make a statement! This slip on block heel is cute on all body types and with any style. Dress her up with a cute skirt or dress, sport her with skinny jeans and a graphic tee... whatever you choose these shoes speak for themselves and Mama is going to love them! 8. Iris Hoop Iris Hoops Simple and sweet, which moms love - shop the Iris hoop earring for something she will appreciate and wear every day. They are lightweight and available in Auburn (pictured here) as well as Blonde. 9. Proud Mama Tee  This one speaks for itself... What mom wouldn't love a cool graphic tee letting the world know she's a proud Mama! 10. Slouch Bag  A tote bag to hold everything a superwoman mom might need, the Slouch bag is a must have from our friends at Canoe. This bag has the softest leather exterior, but then lined on the inside with a kid proof material - so easy for cleaning up any spills! Available in Vanilla, Taupe (pictured here) and Silver. 11. B.loved Burlap Bag  Mama will love this oversize tote bag, perfect for the beach or a weekend trip. I can speak from experience when I say this bag holds it all!   12. Soto Sandal  A true go-to for all Mama's - the Soto sandal is available in Tan (pictured here) and Teak. Soto is comfortable and versatile! 13. Lizzy Layered Necklace One of my personal favorites, the Lizzy Layered Necklace is a two-for-one special. I say that because every time I wear it I get asked about my "necklaces" so you know it really gives that muti-layered look! It's adorable in antique gold as well as bright gold (pictured here.) 14. Phoenix Earrings  We are so excited about these newbies from Inspire Designs and think Mama's will find these unique earrings super fun! Coming in black/white, green/brown, grey/gold, white/silver (pictured here), and silver brown. 15. Rare Feeling Maxi  An easy piece you Mom's can dress up or down! The Rare Feeling Maxi is so cute alone, or paired with a cool jean jacked. Shoe options are endless, boots like the photo here would be perfect as well as a pair of cute wedges or even sneakers for a casual vibe! Help us celebrate all our Mama's this week and enjoy 20% off these gift guide items - in store AND online! Use code MAMA at checkout.

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